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i hesitate to send you from here to facebook, but nonetheless i wanted to document a project that i pursued there for a number of months, and that i will hopefully some day come back to. this was an attempt to contribute at least one sound recording from my archives each day to the aporee soundmaps. sharing them also on facebook as an incentive/motivation to stick with it. i wrote a the time:

every now and then, when daily life becomes slightly less hectic, i’m reminded of the huge backlog of recordings i’ve always intended to contribute to the great aporee soundmaps, and i resolve to begin the process by uploading one a day, with my morning coffee. that resolution tends to last between 1 and 3 days 😛 . but maybe if i put them here for you as well the attempt might be slightly more successful.

well, it did last more than 3 days, but it did not survive the birth of my second daughter. hopefully, if life settles down to any kind of normalcy anytime in the next 18 years or so, this is something i’ll find my way back to. in the meantime, there are 31 sounds and images contributed over around 4 months in 2018/2019 here.

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