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::: murmer ::: nail down your ghosts :::
from homework – year5 – DL, taâlem, 2020

each year taâlem puts out an end-of-year compilation featuring works by all the artists that have released work with them. i missed year 4 in 2019 due to the death of my father, so i’m pleased to be able to present this new piece for year 5, nail down your ghosts, created in collaboration with estonian composer liisa hirsch. track notes:

source material recorded in a now-demolished abandoned house in the estonian town of valga in october 2019. sonic interventions performed, and elements subsequently reworked, by liisa hirsch and patrick tubin mcginley, 2019/2020. composed from those elements in june 2020. originally created in the (ongoing) context of sound design for the short film ‘to crumble into clouds above your living room’ by anna hints, commissioned as the estonian contribution to the 2020 venice biennale of architecture, postponed to 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

and taâlem-master jean-marc boucher’s notes about this year’s edition:

for the fifth time, here’s our yearly digital-only compilation gathering unreleased 2020 tracks from most of the artists who had a release on taâlem in its 19 years of existence (we even have an extra artist whose release will only be out in 2021).

“homework – year 5” is more massive than ever. no less than 76 tracks for 12 hours and 40 minutes of aural delight, with a bonus video and the pdf booklet.

ambient, drone, field recordings, guitar-based tracks, noise, dark ambient, experimental, modular synth, tribal/ritual… it’s impossible not to find at least one track that will please you.

so please dive in!

as usual, massive thanks to all the contributing artists for their trust and fidelity. taâlem wouldn’t exist without their exquisite sonic creations. and equal massive thanks to you, listeners and buyers.

released December 25, 2020

this compilation is dedicated to david brownstead (TIDAL) who passed away earlier this year.

this is a taâlem digital release – almp3.10 – december 2020

cover photography: delphine ancelle-b.

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