::: plats, kleyn & mcginley @ mooste folk festival :::

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photo by sergei kleyn

on the 28th of april, 2012, marja-liisa plats (a local singer with whom i have worked several times in the past few years and with whom i have had a vague plan for the last year or so to start a musical project), sergei kleyn (a writer and musician who has been a resident artist at MoKS for the last few months) and i entered the annual mooste folk festival song competition and performance, at the request of the organisers for MoKS to enter a band representing the local mooste artists’ community.

many bands (14 this year, i believe) perform 2 songs each during the main event: one is a song of their choice, while the other is a single traditional song chosen by the festival organisers that each band must interpret. on the jury this year, among others, were musician peeter rebane, and legendary electronic composer sven grünberg, who would prove to be our champions as we won the 3rd place ‘surprise prize.’

many thanks to peeter and sven, and all those who enjoyed our music. here it is as recorded on the night by our friends, also then artists-in-residence at MoKS, dennis tan and katri ikävalko.

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