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from homework – year 6 – DL, taâlem, 2021

each year taâlem puts out an end-of-year compilation featuring works by artists that have worked with the label over the years. here is my contribution for 2021. track notes:

in november, 2020 i participated in an event curated by shawn pinchbeck for BEAMS (the boreal electroacoustic music society) in canada entitled together apart… an evening of audio wonderments. it was to be another online concert in response to the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, but due to the time differences for artists spread throughout north america and europe, we were given the opportunity to pre-record our performances. this allowed me to create a piece in our half-renovated farmhouse in the estonian countryside, from which a live stream would have been impossible to organise. the piece streamed online on the night of november 21st, and was then briefly archived on BEAMS’ twitch page. i then made this ‘sound film’ available permanently on my website – it can be seen here.

for homework 6 i have reimagined this work as sound only, editing together a piece from the original live performance recordings and the sources used therein.

echo surveys is an ongoing series of performances, workshops, recordings, compositions, and collective experiences focusing of site-specific found sound, interaction, and activity. all sounds originate from the action’s site – either pre-recorded and/or reworked in advance, or captured/created live with found materials or realtime events. they aim to document a single and unrepeatable moment in time and place, to concentrate attention on a site’s natural sonic imprint, as well as to give voice to otherwise unheard sonic identities through direct interaction with the space.

and taâlem-master jean-marc boucher’s notes about this year’s edition:

“homework – year 6” is the sixth volume in an ongoing series of compilations which are released at the end of each year and gather unreleased tracks composed/recorded/tweaked/finalized during the year by as much taâlem artists as possible.

so once again, we’ve asked every artist who had a release on taâlem during these 20 years to contribute a 2021 track.

we’ve received 61 tracks for this sixth edition (and one video). most of the contributing artists were already present on the previous editions (even on all of them for a few!), some appear for the first time, some are back after a long period of inactivity, others could unfortunately not make it for this sixth volume.
we’ll see who’s there for the seventh one in 2022!

as always, taâlem wishes to thank all the artists involved for their generosity, patience, trust and support during all these years.
so once again big thanks to our ever loyal customers too! we couldn’t go on without you.

released December 25, 2021

photography: delphine ancelle-b.

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