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latvian friend and collaborator max shentelevs has posted a piece on the bernu rits website made by latvian television about a series of workshops and performances that took place there in 2008. max, john grzinich and i led the sound as space / sound as language workshop over 6 days in two locations. some more information about the workshop, from the murmerings archives:

“a workshop focusing on sound as transmitter of nonverbal information, whether as a tool for communication or as a description of physical or imaginary space. we will focus on sound’s ability to define/describe space, and on our ability to resonate, alter, or create space by using sound. we will also explore animal communication and group activity. a strong focus will be placed on environmental listening, and the development of the ear toward detailed sonic perception. using small acoustic objects and the space itself, we will experiment with methods of group nonverbal sonic communication, with giving our location a voice, and with creating new spaces toward an understanding of sonic scenography. the workshop will open with an extended listening session, after which participants will work through a series of sonic games and be asked to bring objects to use in the later stages.

more information (in latvian) and images from the week’s events here. the film is also in latvian, but includes much to see and hear!

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