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::: murmer ::: cider fermenting :::
from homework – year 8 – DL, taâlem, 2023

each year taâlem puts out an end-of-year compilation featuring works by artists that have worked with the label over the years. in 2023 i released with them a collection of my contributions to the series thus far (6 works over 7 years) entitled periodic exercises in (f)utility [homework 2016-2022). i thought releasing this collection might mean that i would take a break from the series for a year or two, but when the call came, i was drawn to it, as usual. so here is my contribution for 2023, a simple field recording this time, of the early stages of 20 liters of fresh apple juice fermenting into cider in an old soviet-era glass carboy in my kitchen. recorded to a sound devices 744T with 2 LOM geophones, one fixed near the base of the bottle (left channel), one near the neck (right channel).

here are taâlem-master jean-marc boucher’s notes about this year’s edition:

“homework – year 8” is the eighth volume in an ongoing series of compilations which are released at the end of each year and gather unreleased tracks composed/recorded/tweaked/finalized during the year by as much taâlem artists as possible.

so once again, we’ve asked every artist who had a release on taâlem during these 22 past years to contribute a 2023 track.

we’ve received 71 tracks for this eighth edition. most of the contributing artists were already present on the previous editions (even on all of them for a few!) while others could unfortunately not make it.

as always, taâlem wishes to thank all the artists involved for their generosity, patience, trust and support during all these years. and of course big thanks to our ever loyal customers too! we couldn’t go on without you.

photography: kaeru-chan

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