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DL, green field recordings, 2018

in 2013 luís antero invited me to make a piece for his radio show, o colecionador de sons (the sound collector). that work, raadio mälu (radio memory) aired there, and subsequently on framework radio, and has now been released on luís’ netlabel, green field recordings. it’s free to stream and download, please have a listen! featuring the voices of alfred tubin, Siiri Kolka, Lauri Laanisto and Mari Jõgiste

from the liner notes:

in 2013 i found a small portable radio, dating probably from the 1980′s and made during soviet times, is a secondhand shop in the small village of mooste in southeast estonia. i have a thing for old radios, so i bought it, and it got me to thinking about the place of radio, not in this present world of internet streaming, podcasting and so forth, but in our past, and in our memories. i know i have distinct memories of radio, radio stations, djs, events, situations, and even places that i relate to radio from my own past, growing up in boston, during my student days in western massachusetts, all the way through my years at the resonance fm studios in london, and my attempts now to listen to estonian radio to improve my language skills. i wondered if this particular radio, alien to me but possibly familiar to estonians, might trigger memories for those around me, and i decided to find out.

i composed this piece from four elements: memories, stories and observations from a handful of estonians, related upon being presented with this particular radio for the first time; sonic material produced by the radio itself, both when tuned to and tuned between stations; field recordings from the surrounding landscape, vibrations in the immediate airwaves that have carried these radio signals; and archive material from estonian radio’s past, both in and before the country’s soviet era.

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