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::: murmer ::: echo surveys: viljandi (reimagined) :::
from homework – year 2 – DL, taâlem, 2017

my new work, echo surveys: viljandi (reimagined), is available for free download, or to stream above, on the second annual taâlem records compilation, ‘homework – year 2’, amongst 10 hours of music by many great artists and friends. some words from jean-marc boucher:

it’s that time again between saint nicolas (non-belgian people will probably not understand) and christmas. please welcome back “homework” for its second year. as last year, we’ve asked every taâlem (and sublabels) artist to submit a new and previously unreleased track, created/tweaked/finalized during 2017. the response was even more massive than last year: we have got 67 tracks (there were 52 in 2016). most of the contributing artists were already present last year, others couldn’t unfortunately make it this year but there are a lot of new names! please enjoy taâlem’s end-of-year present.

and a few words about the piece: echo surveys is an ongoing series of activities including performances, workshops, installations, and compositions that consist of site-specific sonic interventions; all sounds heard are produced and/or recorded in a chosen space, using only materials found therein. this ‘reimagined’ work adds a new layer; it is based on a live performance in the noisy november 2017 festival at supersonicum in viljandi, estonia on 2017.11.17, and is composed from the initial field recordings made in the space to be used in the performance, as well as from the recording of the performance itself. also participating in the performance and therefore in this composition were erik alalooga and taavi suisalu (the event organiser and other performer on the bill that night, respectively) and a number of members of the public.”

my contribution to homework – year 1 can be found here.

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