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i am very excited to announce the one of my favorite record labels, gruenrekorder in germany, has launched a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to release my first full-length solo release since 2012, songs for forgetting. i know i can count on the support of listeners, friends and family to help make this happen. please help spread the word!

some words from gruenrekorder:

Gruenrekorder proudly presents songs for forgetting by Patrick McGinley AKA murmer.

To make this project come true we need your support on Kickstarter.

Since 2007, Patrick McGinley, AKA murmer, has been working on what will become his first full-length solo release since 2012: songs for forgetting. In 2016 Gruenrekorder will release these 45min of great field recordings from Germany, France, Spain and Estonia as a vinyl LP.

The project has a unique story:

The ca. 45 minutes of recordings are going to be released on a 180g heavy vinyl. Delivered with a unique sleeve, produced by friends and supporters of the artist Patrick McGinley, the whole project supporting a creative community in Estonia, where Patrick lives with his family. The outer sleeve, designed by the Armenian illustrator Vahram Muradyan, will be produced from 100% locally-sourced recycled card from the oldest continuously-operating industry in the country, the Räpina Papermill, and will be printed, locally as well, on the historical machines at studio.tartuensis.

For more information about this great project please visit our Kickstarter page!

We need your support to make this project happen!

We are aiming to create an artwork as visually worthwhile as the audio it contains. This involves paper, vinyl, printing, love and time. For it to be worthwhile, we need to know there is an audience for a physical release in these days of digital, online media. By backing this project you help to bring it into the world. Without your support and appreciation, it just can’t happen.

By supporting our project you will receive amazing rewards, like the record itself, a handmade designed tote-bag, a special self-made item from Patrick’s home in Põlgaste…


Visit Kickstarter and support this really great project, so we can make an object that looks and feels as good as it sounds.


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