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23 december 2010 | boston, ma, usa

guest appearance on
wzbc, 90.3fm

i’ll be making a guest appearance on susanna bolle’s rare frequency program as part of no commercial potential on boston’s great wzbc radio at 90.3fm.  we’ll be chatting and i’ll play some field recordings and new compositions.  listen live online here.


8 december 2010 | nyc, ny, usa

workshop at

a short version of the sound as space workshop at this brooklyn documentary arts centre.

$9-$20 sliding scale
322 union ave, brooklyn

3 december 2010 | wilkes-barre, pa, usa

live at
st stephen’s episcopal church

w/ scott sherk & ron stabinsky

live in the town where i was born.

voluntary donation
35 south franklin street

2 december 2010 | allentown, pa, usa

live at
muhlenberg college 

my now annual visit to scott sherk’s sound art class at muhlenberg college – after a day of short workshops there will be a free afternoon concert in the gallery.

free admission
gallery at the baker center for the arts
muhlenberg college campus

30 november 2010 | nyc, ny, usa

live at
w/ ny phonographers & seijiro murayama

Artist 2 sets of untreated field recordings by a grand collection of local and visiting phonographers, and a solo set of improvised percussion by murayama.  within a longer set of 5 artists, i performed a 20 minute collaboration with richard garet.  hosted by gill arno in his fotofono studio in brooklyn.

440 broadway, brooklyn
JMZ to hewes st

9 – 10 october 2010 | bracknell, uk

workshop at
digital media centre: south hill park

Field Recording & Creative Radio
Date: Sat-Sun. 9th & 10th October
Time: 11.00-6.00pm
Price: £110.00 / £107.00(mem) / £108.00 (conc)
Tutor: Patrick McGinley

Artist and broadcaster, Patrick McGinley leads this weekend to introduce concepts of deep environmental listening through an exploration of our immediate surroundings and a series of sound-hunting forays and listening sessions. Explore composition for radio as a creative medium, and work towards the production of a final work to be broadcast as part of Framework Radio’s Afield series. Participants should bring recording equipment.

south hill park, bracknell
box office: 01344 484123

3 october 2010 | bristol, uk

live at
the arts house
w/ jonathan coleclough

simon whetham has organised this one-off bristol gig for jonathan and i and the new art house venue – thanks simon!

108a stokes croft

2 october 2010 | bracknell, uk

presentation & performance at
sound:site – sonic arts festival
w/ jonathan coleclough, simon whetham, felicity ford and many more…

talks and demonstrations exploring the internet as a destination for making and showing artwork, for sharing sounds, bringing communities together, and curating sonic experiences. sound:site brings together a set of exciting projects from in and around the sound art community, framing contemporary practice and emerging online/offline possibilities.

taking place in the splendid georgian mansion that is home to south hill park, one of the uk’s longest surviving regional arts centres. the venue lies 25 miles west of london in the thames valley in berkshire.

i will be giving a presentation on new folk communities, the internet as a destination for sound-based works, and the framework radio show as a hub for a global community of artists working with phonography and field recording.

i will also be performing in the evening concert, framework250 remixed, at 7pm, along with my friends and colleagues jonathan coleclough and simon whetham.  the performance will feature live remixes/reinterpretations of each artist’s contribution to the framework250 4cd compilation, released earlier this year to celebrate framework radio’s 250th edition.

£26 / £18
10-5:30pm – day program
7pm – evening concert
south hill park, bracknell
box office: 01344 484123

4 september 2010 | riga, lv

live at
baltā nakts 2010
w/ yiorgis sakellariou, phonic+psychomimesis, dj snobo, vj gaffa, vj max voitech

Culture centre Media Station offers a special White Night program Electroacoustic & Field Recording, featuring experiments with noises, clicks and all possible unusual atmosphere sounds accompanied by corresponding visualisations.

media station
andrejostas 4, 15 korpusā

16 – 21 august 2010 | mooste, ee

avamaa 2010

i will be helping to organise and coordinate this estonian arts centre’s 2009 summer symposium, including a series of workshops, performances and presentation over the course of 10 days.

moks centre for art and social practice

18 june 2010 | toruń, pl

live at
centre of contemporary art

w/ maksims shentelevs, hati, & workshop participants

performance in two parts: first, the results from our workshop on 11 – 13 june, in which workshop participants play the building itself, with no electronics or amplification, on a walkabout site-specific journey around the art centre.  afterwards max and i will perform a collaborative set with local trance-drone percussionists hati.

centre of contemporary art
waly gen. sikorskiego 13aa

11 – 13 june 2010 | toruń, pl

workshop at
centre of contemporary art

w/ maksims shentelevs

max and i will be giving a 3 day workshop focusing on listening and exploration of the sonic architectural space of toruń’s enormous centre for contemporary art. the workshop will culminate in a public site-specific performance  (on saturday, june 18th) that will see the participants using the building itself as their instrument.

noon – 6pm
centre of contemporary art
waly gen. sikorskiego 13aa

29 may 2010 | tallinn, ee

tuned city tallinn 2010 presentation

The first public event introducing the “sonic landmarks tallinn” project in 2011 will take place around the seaplane hangar as it serves as a great example for the deep relation of architecture and sound and would illustrate in a nice way the main idea of tuned city – to make the acoustic dimension of space and architecture perceptible.

One lasting impression from the Berlin event was of the specific acoustic qualities which each of the spaces used for the conference and performances possessed – whether it was a room designed from the acoustic perspective (such as the anechoic chamber at the Technical University or the giant radio concert hall at the Nalepastrasse), an improvised situation (such as the disused repair hall of the Wriezener Bahnhof) or a temporary public situation (such as on Alexanderplatz). These acoustic qualities provided each site which a specific identity which defined that location in space, assisted or inhibited communication and changed one‘s awareness of their surroundings and illustrated in a great way the debated topics very plastically.

In the same way as tuned city explores the different topics in direct relation to the actual spaces this pre-event in the hangar will give a taste of how the Tallinn event in 2011 will shape. In a mixture of theory, artistic presentation and direct experience we will present the results of the artistic/scientific research and documentation project as well as the results of the workshops to the audience. Some lectures will introduce the concepts of aural architecture and acoustic awareness.


start 3pm at Steamboat Icebreaker “SUUR TÕLL” – Lennusadama port, (Küti Street) Tallinn

Opening and welcome – Mikko Fritze, Director of Tallinn 2011, European Cultural Capital

Introduction to the Estonian Maritime Museum project – Ott Sarapuu (EE)
History of the seaplane hangar, future plans and architectural vision.

Sonic Landmarks – tunedcity in Tallinn 2011 – Tunedcity research group (int)
A preview of  the program for Tallinn 2011 introducing the general idea behind tunedcity, the research network, the artist and projects planed for the european capital project Sonic Landmarks.

Sonic garden in the urban sphere – Valeria Merlini (I)
lecture: Acoustics aspects of landscape architecture

Bent on Listening – Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL)
lecture: From the reflecting-arc diagrams of Marin Mersenne to the concave walls of acoustic defense

Spatial perception and directional sound – Thomas Ankersmit (NL/D)
lecture: Spatial acoustics and their influence on our perception and communication

evening presentations by artists involved in the planning for 2011 at seaplane hangar, Lennusadama port, (Küti Street) Tallinn:

Raviv Ganchrow (US/IL/NL)
intallation/demonstration: Crescents

Thomas Ankersmit (NL/D)
site-specific performance inside the hydroplane hangar

presentation of the workshop results:

Sonic Surveys of Tallinn
Workshop with MoKS (EE) – location hunting, mapping and field recording of urban soundscapes
short performances and soundwalks

Form and Sound
Workshop by Lukas Kühne (D) together with The Estonian academy of arts EKA, The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and KUNO
performances, demonstarations, soundwalks

lennusadama port
küti street

18 – 22 may 2010 | tallinn, ee

workshop for
tuned city tallinn

w/ john grzinich & derek holzer

Sonic Surveys of Tallinn
exploring, location hunting, mapping and field recording of urban soundscapes
meeting place: uue maailma seltsimaja, corner of Koidu and Videviku streets, Tallinn

workshop led by: John Grzinich, Derek Holzer, Patrick McGinley

This interdisciplinary workshop (of artists, architects, urban planners, social geographers) concentrates on exploring working methods for mapping and documenting urban spaces and architectural structures of the city of Tallinn. The methods used will combine research and practical skills in surveying and recording the “sonic geographies” found throughout the city. As Tallinn has radically different zones, both architecturally and socially  our research aims to reflect expose and reflect the variety of soundscapes to be found there.

This would include the practical elements of an overall “field recording” and “listening” workshop with an introduction to sound, soundscape and field recording techniques. The structure of the workshop divides the overall group of participants into several small scouting teams (3 groups of 4 or 5 people) that make excursions to different districts of the city. A range of locations could include the Soviet ‘plattenbau’ districts like Lasnamäe and Õismäe, the park areas of Kadriorg and Nõmme and the seaside districts of Pirita and Kopli (or whatever else can be introduced) for example.

Mapping the possible overlays of sonic regions or even specific sounds will help define potential “sonic landmarks”, as one of the main themes for the Tuned City conference to be held in July of 2011. Afterward we can pool the coordinates and recordings into a “map” or Survey of Acoustic Geography of Tallinn.

You can find some fotos on this project-page: http://maaheli.ee/main/archives/1479

noon – 6pm
uue maailma seltsimaja
koidu 82

3 april 2010 | tartu, ee

live at

w/ anthea caddy, felicity mangan, kiwa, sven vabar & kaja pae

60eek / 40eek
genialistide klubi
lai 37 taga

6 february 2010 | berlin, de

live at
das kleine field recordings festival

w/ john grzinich, paulo raposo, baruch gottlieb, matteo marangoni

On the 6th of February the das kleine field recordings festival will come to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin. Baruch Gottlieb, whose performance almost exactly one year ago was considered as one of the best field recordings concerts ever seen, will come back again. While last years performance was an exploration and growingly hilarious account on the various sounds Korean Street Vendors used to atract clients, it could happen that this evenings performance concentrates on Swiss Cows.

The last part of the evening will bring a very unusual trio. In fact this is a dkfrf special. See it here, or never again. Paulo Raposo, murmer and John Grzinich will perform a partly acoustic set. Murmer and John Grzinich belong to a faction of field recorders who use nature as their concert hall. Inspired by the transposition of sound caused by headphone listening, they don’t remain motionless and silent. They add sounds and use the environment’s acoustics as a framework.

This evenimg might offer a kind of expedition. Helped by objects that constitute a memory, a new audio field will be created by murmer and John Grzinich. Both have the magic capability to transcend such moments to a sublime level. It is here in the heavens of concrete abstractness that they will meet Paulo Raposo. His spontaneous compositions will unite it all.

The evening will be opened by Matteo Marangoni. His recordings are made in Florence, a city with peculiar acoustic ‘islands’ ,and in The Hague, where he actually resides and studies.

studio k77
kastanienallee 77
2nd courtyard/2nd floor
U eberswalder strasse/ tram schwedter strasse[/ezcol_3fifth]

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