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8 december 2005 | london, uk

live at
the whitechapel gallery
w/ modified ka, lgamble, djs tom scott & space commander travis
curated by mark schreiber

Tone Debris
An evening focussing on possible meeting points between melody and noise, or tone and its fragmented neighbour. ka describe themselves as ‘acoustic in every electronic bit’ (with guitar, electronics and drums). Lgamble’s microscopic laptop abstractions celebrate the fractured while murmer does a melding of field recordings with the tonal playing of a bowed metal chime (www.murmerings.com/). DJs Tom Scott and Space Commander Travis move from obscure film soundtracks all the way to possible Spoken Word.

80-82 whitechapel high street, london
aldgate east tube station


11 november 2005 | london, uk

live at
w/ sakada, justice yeldham, lgamble

cyrk @ the white hart
63 stoke newington high street, n16

10 september 2005 | london, uk

3rd annual
london placard headphone festival
as part of the 8th annual placard international headphone festival

noon – 4am

26 august 2005 | bradford, uk

live at
south square
w/ phill harding & bill thompson

thornton, bradford, west yorkshire

5-14 august 2005 | mooste, estonia

moks summer international art symposium
PostsovkhoZ5 Public/Private

“PostsovkhoZ started as open forum to question the social, cultural and economic issues facing rural life in post-soviet Estonia. PostsovkhoZ has developed into a multi-purpose, cross-discipline event for creative interventions in a context-specific location. PostsovkhoZ encourages both the exchange of ideas and the realization of short term artistic projects within a 10 day event. PostsovkhoZ is hosted by MoKS, an NGO cultural organization dedicated to local and international cooperation in the fields of arts, social and environmental research in Mooste, Estonia (pop. 520 people, 48km SE of Tartu).

This years theme is Public / Private:  << space, information, ownership, land, law, access, funding, networks, institutions, healthcare, education, records, debates, public domains, private interests >>” – from the moks website

I will be creating a new sound installation entitled ternalfeaturing the work of british potter sarah hall.  a brief description of the setup:

ternal seeks to draw attention to the intricacies and interactive relationships of private/public, internal/external, personal/common space and experience.

in the center of a defined space (indoor? outdoor?) is a dimly glowing tent. at 4 compass points at the extremities of the space are 4 resonant containers (bottles, bowls, tubes…), each containing a small microphone. somewhere in the space there is also a pair of speakers.

inside the tent (which provides the only light) is a warm and comfortable arrangement of cushions, blankets and objects, inviting a curious participant in. there is a small tray/table/platform containing an array of small found objects (rocks/leaves/metal). there is also a pair of headphones.

a participant in the space outside the tent will see the space lit by the light from within. the participant will also, if there is another participant inside the tent, hear the sounds being created by the found objects, which are captured and amplified into the space through the speakers.

a participant inside the tent will be invited to manipulate the objects before them, and to put on the headphones, through which they can hear the ambient sound of the larger space resonating in the 4 containers at the compass points (voices, footsteps, perhaps there are leaves on the floor?). sounds they themselves are creating with the objects may also be captured by these containers to find their way back into the tent.

rather than being a self-sufficient sound installation, ternal is a type of self-generating performance that requires a curious participant. without one, nothing happens…

30 july 2005 | portland, me, usa

live at
strange maine
w/ id m theft able

578 congress street, portland

23 july 2005 | nyc, ny, usa

live at
w/ ben owen & david daniell

$7 recommended donation
273 kent avenue, williamsburg, brooklyn, nyc
(between grand and south first st)


16 july 2005 | boston, ma, usa

live at
art interactive
w/ mike bullock

130 bishop allen drive, cambridge
central square T station


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