::: echo surveys : vartiosaari :::

echo surveys ::: vartiosaari is a series of site-specific soundworks for locations around vartiosaari island in helsinki, finland, produced for the exhibition at the arts in the environment 2017 nordic symposium, which runs on the island from september 2 – october 8, 2017. each work consists entirely of field recordings and resonated objects (found, played, and recorded in-situ) from each individual location, and is intended to be heard there. visitors can bring their own smartphones and headphones and listen to the works by scanning a QR code at each site. if you have visited the exhibition but were unable to hear the works, or if you are unable to attend, you can listen to them and see their locations here

the last piece (navetta/barn) is a recording of the live performance that took place, under the same conditions as the other pieces, at the opening event on september 2, 2017.

at the bottom of this page you will find a copy of the official exhibition map (click to enlarge), with letters A through F added to identify the specific locations of the six pieces below. you can find more information on the exhibition and the original full-res map here.

laituri/pier ::: work for pier, water, boat, and location sounds (A)

puu/tree ::: work for dead tree and location sounds (B)

kivet/stones ::: work for stones from man-made structure (C)

verkko/wire ::: work for chicken wire, barn wall, and location sounds (D)

kaide/railing ::: work for metal safety railing (E)

navetta/barn ::: live work for a small barn and its contents with audience (F)