::: echo surveys : vartiosaari :::

::: murmer ::: echo surveys : vartiosaari :::
DL, murmerings, 2023

::: liner notes :::

echo surveys : vartiosaari is a series of site-specific soundworks for locations around vartiosaari island in helsinki, finland, produced for the exhibition at the ‘arts in the environment’ nordic symposium, which ran on the island from september 2 – october 8, 2017. each work is constructed from field recordings and resonated objects (found, played, and recorded in-situ) from each individual location, and was originally intended to be heard there. visitors could bring their own smartphones and headphones and listen to the works by scanning a QR code at each site.

the last piece (navetta/barn) is a recording of the live performance that took place, under the same conditions as the other pieces, at the opening event on september 2, 2017.

included with the download is a copy of the official exhibition map, with letters A through F added to identify the specific locations of the six pieces. you will also find a set of photographs of the 6 sites. you can find more information on the exhibition here: www.nordicenviroart.org. if you’re on or near the island of vartiosaari, please consider using the included map to listen to the pieces in their original locations!

01 ::: laituri / pier ::: pier, water, boat, and location sounds (A)
02 ::: puu / tree ::: dead tree and location sounds (B)
03 ::: kivet / stones ::: stones from man-made structure (C)
04 ::: verkko / wire ::: chicken wire, barn wall, and location sounds (D)
05 ::: kaide / railing ::: metal safety railing (E)
06 ::: navetta / barn ::: a small barn and its contents with audience (F)

::: reviews :::

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